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November 2014 | My Essential Apps for mac OS

This is an overview of the mac apps I currently define as essential on mac os and a little bit of how I use them.

The elephant is my digital brain.

Projects and GTD reviews.

Journaling is an essential part of any change. I am journaling mostly about productivity experiments and meditation.

Save snippets you use again and again. It certainly deserves a detailed post.

Calendar app that sits on the menu bar and it doesn’t get on the way.

For everything that is too difficult to store on Evernote (such as Photoshop files, eBooks and PDFs and so on)

At the time of this post there is no official Trello app for mac os so I just load the app on Safari. I use it mostly for project planning and communication within my business.

Airmail 2
Great email client that makes it so easy to save things to Evernote.i

Everything boring I must do like pay bills, wash windows and so on. I am keeping it separate from my OmniFocus tasks so I don’t stop resisting the truly important things I need to do listed on OF.

I save design inspiration using Inboard. I used Ember before but I have lost my library countless times until I couldn’t trust it anymore…

I love this one. I’m going to write about it here soon.

Photoshop (Creative Cloud)
Design stuff.

Illustrator  (Creative Cloud)
Design stuff.

I currently use it for iOS Prototypes.

When I need to get visual about anything (systems, diagrams) that’s where I design them.

It allows you to control the size of windows. Useful when you need to keep two screens at a time, side by side and other variations.

It keeps your MenuBar from getting to crowded. Neat :)

That’s it for now. On the next post I am going to show you the apps I love on iOS (iPad and iPhone).

Stay tuned ;)

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