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Experimenting with sketchnotes again

After browsing (a lot) on Sacha Chua’s blog I felt this compelling thing to do some doodles or sketchnotes again. This was the first one: 🇧🇷 Experimentando novas cores, caneta e formas de visualização. Era só para “brincar" mas acabei fazendo uma visualização super útil para o momento que vivo atualmente. Desenhos, para [...]


My Essential Apps for mac OS

This is an overview of the mac apps I currently define as essential on mac os and a little bit of how I use them. Evernote The elephant is my digital brain. OmniFocus Projects and GTD reviews. DayOne Journaling is an essential part of any change. I am journaling mostly about productivity experiments and meditation. TextExpander Save snippets [...]


You can feel good about what you’re not doing only when you know what you’re not doing. —David Allen